Prevent Screen from Timing Out


This is a scripting tool using AutoHotkey that prevents the desktop screen from timing out (sleeping/locking) by moving the mouse back and forth one pixel in a loop.

Note:AutoHotkey works only on Windows

Getting Started:

  1. If you do not have it installed already, download and install the current version of AutoHotkey: Note: AutoHotkey v1.1 is being phased out.

Instructions for running the Stay Awake script

  1. Click and save the StayAwake file linked here anywhere (network drive, desktop, your documents, etc.).

  2. Simply double-click the StayAwake file to load the script

  3. Note: The script can be edited by right-clicking the file and selecting “edit file”. There, it is possible to change the speed of the script.

  4. If the script needs to be aborted immediately for any reason, just press the escape key (Esc) or right-click the loaded script in your tray and exit