Virtual Barcode Scanner

This is a recommendation for a virtual barcode scanner that I use.

There are two parts:
1) A desktop virtual scanner that sends what it reads to the clipboard (unless you are lucky and the scanner sends to window correctly).
2) A shortcut using AutoHotKey that "sends" what is in your clipboard to your app (if needed) (Note: AutoHotkey works only on Windows).

Video Link

YouTube Link to Virtual Barcode Scanner Video

Getting started

  1. Download Virtual barcode reader:

  2. orpalis download icon
  3. Note that you turn the scanner “ON/OFF” by clicking this icon in your tray

  4. orpalis tray icon
  5. Make sure, with the scanner OFF, to right-click on the icon and check mark “copy to clipboard”

  6. orpalis tray options
  7. Although the Virtual barcode reader can “output window” the scan…it doesn’t work with Citrix in my experience. So download the current version of AutoHotkey:

  8. auto hot key download icon
  9. SAVE the BarcodeBarry file linked here anywhere (network drive, desktop, your documents, etc): Barcode Barry AutoHotkey File (v2.0)
  10. Simply double click/open the BarcodeBarry file (it will look like it did nothing, but it should be running in your tray)

  11. auto hot key file image for barcode barry
  12. You are the owner of a sweet fully integrated PC barcode scanner (configured with "/" prefix/suffix) if you see both of these icons running in your tray

  13. both orpalis and auto hot key tray icons ON

Using your scanner

There are two ways to fire a scan (assuming you can NOT use the Orpaliss Scanner directly to the output window).

  1. Capture the scan code from your screen. You know it worked when the box turns green:
    demo of orpalis scanning label
    OR, you can directly copy and paste something to scan (a NDC, order ID, etc). Either way, the “barcode” is stored in your clipboard. NOTE: you do not need the virtualized scanner at all if you are just copying values. It is the running “H” application in your tray that is really submitting the scan.
  2. Pull up Epic and fire off your scan using this keystroke combo: Windows button + b
  3. Fire it off over and over again. The keystroke will send off whatever is last stored in the clipboard.


  • For a more advanced version of Barcode Barry that links directly to a Citrix based window, download and edit this version of the script (I prefer the original listed in step 5 above): Barcode Barry Two AutoHotkey File (v2.0)

  • Barcode Barry Script Edit for Window Matching