Date (*Denotes Modified) Title Author(s) Keywords
12/08/2023 Impact of Board Certification in Pharmacy Informatics McClain, Barry Pharmacy Informatics; Board Certification
09/08/2023 Supporting the EHR Go-Live for Pharmacy (for Multi-Hospital Site Conversions) McClain, Barry Pharmacy Informatics; Go-Live; Support
09/04/2023 What is the Difference Between Pharmacy Informatics and Pharmacoinformatics? McClain, Barry Pharmacy Informatics; Pharmacoinformatics
01/02/2023 Shining Light on the Matter: The Role of Augmented Reality in the Medication Use Process and How RFID Can Make it Work McClain, Barry Augmented Reality (AR); Mixed Reality (MR); Radio Frequency Identification (RFID); Sterile Preparation; Medication Safety
01/02/2023 Augmented Reality Demonstration: Sterile Preparation Concept Using HoloLens 2 McClain, Barry Augmented Reality (AR); Mixed Reality (MR); Sterile Preparation
11/06/2022; *11/12/2022 Leveraging Pharmacy Informatics to Keep Health System Patients in Health System Pharmacy Ambulatory Clinic Edition McClain, Barry Prescription Capture; Specialty Pharmacy; Medication Verification; Multistep Order Transmittal; MSOT; Medication Safety
10/29/2022; *11/19/2022 Barcode Medication Administration Old News or Work in Progress McClain, Barry Barcode Medication Administration; BCMA; Medication Safety
10/16/2022; *03/19/2023 Getting Into Pharmacy Informatics What to Know McClain, Barry Student; Career Planning; Introduction; Pharmacy Informatics